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The band was created in 2000, by two young composers - Arik Hayat and Elad Abraham.

After a long period in which many talented musicians took part in the ensemble, the current line-up was formed and the band began performing on stages throughout Tel-Aviv.

In 2003 work on the debut album “Kundabuffer” began, together with musical producer and sound artist, Udi Koomran. 

After more than a year the album was completed, and a label company was needed to release the album. The search was conducted by current band manager, Raya Kosovsky. The rough situations in the music industry lead to the decision that the album was to be released independently by the band. Until it got noticed by Unicorn Digital and re-release worldwide on the Canadian label. 

During the work of creating the album, Elad Abraham decided to discontinue his contribution to the band and pursue his music studies and classic and electronic composing. Elad was the co-founder, co-composer and guitar player for the band. The guitar position is now filled by Erez Kriel . 

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