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T.A.O. – the idea of making this project appeared on a nice evening of October 2003 between guitarist and vocalist Adam Jurewicz and drummer Robert Sztorc. After spending many nights listening and playing the music of artists like Planet X, Tower of Power, Mike Patton and many, many more, the band felt that they should do their own music. On that October evening the first riff (“Forget It”) was created.

The first rehearsals were really crazy, because the band didn’t have good equipment, with a 5 Watt guitar amplifier and the cheapest guitar ever the band began to create what would become their first CD. Meanwhile new musicians were invited to join the band. And the equipment became better also. 

The first to join the band was keyboardist Kamil Urbanski and bassist Lukasz Adamczyk. A new band was born that they named T.A.O. and the creative process began to take form. 

At the beginning of 2005, T.A.O. decided to record a first album. On February 2005 the recordings began in “Nieustraszeni Łowcy Dzwiekow” studio with the great sound engineer Darek Grela. It was the best four months ever! On May 2005 T.A.O. released their first independent CD and started to promote the album. 

In August 2005 the album was played on Progressive Rock radio program “Night Of Music Landscapes” hosted by Piotr Kosinski on Polish radio “Channel 3”. Then the album was sent to several record labels and one CD ended up at the Unicorn Digital office. In the spring of 2006 a deal was signed with Unicorn Digital for the release of The Abnormal Observations CD for the summer of 2006.

“Now we have the occasion to show our music to the world and this is a BIG challenge for us, because from the very start we have been fully honest and we have put everything we have into this music, and in some ways, it describes our view of the world. We had a great time recording The Abnormal Observations and we hope that the fans will feel that energy”.

Enjoy the Music. 

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