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Yeti Rain


YETI RAIN is a dark ambient project featuring William Kopecky on fretless bass and Roger Ebner on wind synthesizer. The duo’s music is otherworldly and visionary, the perfect soundtrack for a disturbing dream of inner and outer spaces. Kopecky’s backward loops, ethereal melodies and resonant tone combined with Ebner’s haunting and inspired performances make for a heady listening experience that can best be described as an aural hallucinogenic.

Kopecky and Ebner met at a music club one evening in the late spring of 2005 when both their bands happened to be sharing the stage. Mutually impressed with each other’s talents, they decided to record together at Ebner’s Blue Thread Studios. Thus began a series of experiments in spontaneous composing that resulted in a compelling collection of strange and darkly beautiful soundscapes. By the summer of 2006 the CD was near completion and the duo had to find a suitable label. Unicorn Records in Canada had already released two excellent prog rock CD’s featuring Kopecky on bass (Kopecky’s BLOOD and Colossus ADEA by Parallel Mind), but Yeti Rain’s music is something else altogether. It’s not progressive rock, but it’s definitely progressive. So Kopecky contacted Michel St. Pere at Unicorn and asked him to give Yeti Rain a listen. St. Pere promptly replied, saying the duo doesn’t need a label; what they really need is a doctor! With that kind of understanding, it was obvious Unicorn Digital was the best choice for Yeti Rain.

William Kopecky is known internationally for his expressive bass playing. He has performed and recorded in the United States and abroad and is a first-call bassist in the progressive rock field. His extensive discography includes CD’s by Kopecky, Par Lindh Project, Far Corner, Michael Angelo Batio, and Parallel Mind. On Discarnate, Kopecky plays tanpura (one track) and wind drum in addition to fretless bass.

Roger Ebner is an adventurous musician who has forged a unique sound on his wind synthesizer and saxophone. His middle-eastern and abstract stylizations have garnered him critical acclaim as a member of the psychedelic rock band Ovadya and the sinister avant-garde funk ensemble Snarling Adjective Convention. In addition to playing wind synth for Yeti Rain, Ebner is also the duo’s recording engineer.

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