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Making contemporary progressive rock, using the instruments and sounds of the golden era in progressive music, was the main idea behind the RETROHEADS concept. 

It started out as one mans dream about a band that could tribute the free spirits of the past, not as copycats, but by adapting the way to think and make music without limits, borders, restrictions, expectations and commercial angles. In other words: with creative freedom. 

And the dream came true: 

With the release of “Retrospective” in 2004, on Unicorn Records in Canada, the path was set for the future. The album was very well received by the progressive rock community, receiving great reviews and feedback from all parts of the world. 

There have been some changes in the bands line up over the years. 

The band has developed and matured since the early days in 2002/2003, and consists now of 7 musicians all coming from various backgrounds; jazz, pop, rock and world-music. 

And the future is here now, with the much acclaimed album “Introspective” released in 2006. 

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