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Dimension X


DIMENSION X is a Milwaukee based progressive metal project originally formed in an effort to produce music similar in feel and texture to that of King Crimson, Genesis and Rush. Over time the band's sound shifted to more closely resemble contemporary icons such as DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X. During this transition the original drummer, Andy Jimenez, and the original guitarist, Kent Herman were replaced with new drum artist, Eddie Shapanske, and new guitarist Troy Stetina. Dave Burkowitz (bass), Jeff Konkol (keys), and Dave Hoover (vocals) remained consistent with the band through both phases. 

Their current music can be quite fairly categorized as progressive metal, with some significant nods to older, more epic prog, and creative visionaries along the lines of PINK FLOYD, DAVID BOWIE, and TOOL. Their first full length CD, "So... This is Earth" has a number of tremendous moments, but suffers from some roughness throughout. Their new CD "Implications of a Genetic Defense" is a well crafted concept album. The sound is much more energetic, and writing is tight and well thought-out. The performances are extraordinary. 

Dimension X is currently performing their new release, in its entirity at live shows. Sequencers, live narration and some stage effects are involved to further involve the audience in the story told with "Implications of a Genetic Defense." 

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